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Change Mentor Hub Reviews
See what our members are saying...

Martin joined Change around two years ago. He focuses mainly on B2B and within the first 2 weeks of starting a £10k deal was closed. Martin has scaled to a point now where financial freedom has changed his life.

Anish has been a member of Change for 7 months and had zero experience in e-Commerce. Anish has closed multiple 6 figure deals already in B2B.

All the way from the USA, Brenton has been with us for 6 months now & has an established business. Brenton, we are currently preparing for the marketing phase and getting ready to make sales.

Lora has been with Change for 2 years now. Lora's created 2 successful businesses within this space of time and is in the process of private labelling while growing both businesses online. Lora is currently living life on her own terms.

Tiffany came to us with a unsuccessful store and while working with us she has managed to turn that same store into a HUGE success generating thousands of pounds a month. Tiffany is now moving into the B2B business model to expand her business further.


Dan has gone from 0 to 5 figures a month within a few months and has recently got his products into well-known high street retailers, including Superdrug & Debenhams. Dan has now been a member for 12 months & is crushing e-Com.

Josh joined Change over four years ago and is one of our many top earners. He has been able to create a life of time, location and financial freedom and is helping others in our community accomplish their goals. 

Wayne Liniker has been working with Change for around a year in e-Commerce around his current businesses. We are currently working on scaling an existing business and launching a new IOS/Android app.

Tasoula talks about her privately labelled product and brand she has built since joining Change and her big goals for the future. 

James English has been working with the team for just under 2 years and is currently involved with e-Commerce and networking within the community.

Ollie has been doing e-Commerce for 6 months with Change. Starting with ZERO experience, Ollie is now doing over £40,000 each month.

Gavin & Amy have been a part of Change for around a year and have already created their own multi-national company and brand, which is already established in 2 countries!

 Martyn Ford has been a member of Change for a few years and has worked with us to create multiple branded businesses.

Kat has been working closely with our B2B expert and has closed massive deals with huge companies, including a 6 figure deal with the NHS. 

Jamie has currently got his product into over 35 businesses in the space of 12 months. Jamie has gone from zero experience to creating a 7 figure empire.

Connor was already working in e-commerce, but since joining Change has scaled up his existing business while creating another successful brand with us. 

David talks about his shift in mindset since joining Change. He has built several profitable businesses with us in drop shipping and private labelling. 

Adam has just closed a deal with a HUGE energy drink company while being a member for under 12months within the Change community. Adam is a HUGE inspiration to the Change community, his success highlights how quickly you can change your life.

Ian has been with Change for around 12 months and has focused on B2B for the last six months. Ian is turning over £8k Profit passive income monthly using the B2B business model.

Steve hated his job and joined Change to create a better life. In the last three years, Steve has been able to accomplish his personal goals and live life on his own terms. 

Mark joined Change with the goal of doing more with his life. He came in with no experience at all. His drop shipping store was making over 5 figures a month, so he has moved into the white labelling with his winning products for more profit. 

James has been a member for around 4 months and is at the beginning of his journey with us. James has two stores which he is now pushing forward.
Johhny has been a member of Change for 7 months and has already built a solid brand and online business. Johnny is now pushing through to the marking stage to begin making sales.

Chris has been a member for less than a year and has already created two successful drop shipping stores with big goals for a future in white labelling. 

Marc has been with Change for around a year and has developed a tactical rucksack business and Marc is also looking into the B2B avenue.

Nicola is currently working with our experts to learn how she can capitalise on her existing network by pushing through a product/service.

Alex had one purpose in mind: to change his family's life. He has been working with Change for 6 months and has already created a privately labelled product along with a solid brand and is ready to bring it to the market.

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