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Thank you for working with us...
Now that your store is completed, we just have a few more steps that can help you and your store become more successful...
Step 1: We strongly recommend that you keep your Shopify store account secure by changing and updating your password immediately.

We remove and permanently delete all store details once your store is handed back to you.
Step 2: We also recommend that you obtain a promotional video via Fiverr too.
These videos are great for social media and advertising.
Step 3: Please watch the video below to complete the last steps on your store in order to have it 100% ready for advertising.
Step 4: Final store tips...

Good quality content is key 🔑
We strongly advise that you either purchase a sample of your product to use and take high-quality images for your store. Alternatively, did you know that you can hire a professional freelancer on Fiverr that has the photoshop skills to upscale your images to Ultra 4k? It's cheap, and fast along with a good quality service. We even do this for our stores (Use the video below to create your own 'Ad Creatives' for advertising).

We also want you to know that we strongly advise you over time to edit your product descriptions to fit your target audience as the ones in your store are directly imported from the supplier and may not be of the best quality.
Step 5: Now it's time to get advertising!
Please head to Digital Curriculum to start creating your ads professionally.
Remember, that we can set your ads up for you too!

Create a Facebook ads manager account - attach a Facebook business page to the account.

Warm up your Facebook account - watch a video on this topic on YouTube.

Turn on 2 step verification.

Install FB pixel to your store - (digital curriculum video for members).

Verify domain - (digital curriculum video for members).

Create 5 images with text overlay (banners on image) with incentives:

- Up to 50% off
- Free shipping
- Quick shipping
- Limited stock
- Whilst stocks last
- Sales ends soon

We recommend spending £10 - £30 a day on advertising (especially for the first month testing).

Once all the above is done:

1st month:

Create 1 ABO ad, 1 CBO ad and 1 Stacked audience ad (cold testing) (Members watch videos in digital curriculum).

2nd month:

Set up 2 retargeting ads.

Create lookalike Audience based on the pixel information.

3rd month:

Create a email lookalike audience based on purchased emails.

2 Retargeting ads (1 using initiated checkouts info) (2 using website visits) (members watch digital curriculum videos).

Create 1 cold ad targeting 1 specific internet.

Change Mentor Hub members: Please use Digital Curriculum for step by step videos based around advertising:


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