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Inner Circle is our flagship membership that is designed for those who are looking for financial freedom.

Inner Circle is our flagship membership that is designed for those who are looking for financial freedom.


Inner Circle is our flagship membership that is designed for those who are looking for financial freedom.

No experience needed.


Inner Circle Membership - £10,000

Product Details:

Brand: Change Mentor Hub

Inner Circle is the highest membership of Change Mentor Hub, if you're someone who wants complete financial freedom, look no further. We provide you with all the experts onboard and access to the best tools and resources available! This membership is for the individuals that want to WIN BIG. Welcome to the Inner Circle Family.

What's Included with Inner Circle?

Access to our training Stages 1-10 | Access to winning products | 1-2-1 Mentoring

Bespoke business plan included | We Build Your First Business For You  | UK Drop shipping lounge

Business Accelerator Access | Access to our referral program | e-Commerce Consultant (Expert)

Work with our Sourcing Agent (Expert) | B2B Marketing via LinkedIn (Expert) | Marketing Consultant (Expert)

White/Private Labelling Training | UK-based suppliers | Content Creation Lounge

Business Startup Call | Pro Access | 24/7 Priority Support

e-Commerce training | Dropshipping training | Website design tutorial

Digital Curriculum | In-training bonus features | Private networking groups with other Inner Circle members

Inner Circle only webinars and masterminds | Private events and retreats | Over 130+ digital ebooks

Includes 1 bespoke drop shipping store | This membership includes a monthly fee

Some of our Reviews:

As Seen On...

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Chris has been a member for less than a year and has already created two successful drop shipping stores with big goals for a future in white labelling. 

Gavin & Amy have been a part of Change for around a year and have already created their own multi-national company and brand, which is already established in 2 countries!

 Martyn Ford has been a member of Change for a few years and has worked with us to create multiple branded businesses.

Membership Features:

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IMPORTANT: All memberships are a one-off payment and all contain a £70 monthly fee based on a month-to-month contract (You reserve the right to cancel your membership at any point by giving us at least 14 days' notice). 

  • What is affiliate marketing?
    Affiliate marketing is where a marketing agreement is made between an online business and an individual. The agreement will mean that an individual will generate traffic, leads or sales to the chosen business in return for a commission.
  • Can I do this around my current job and commitments?
    YES! You can work at your own pace without the worry of falling behind with any current responsibilities or career (Please remember that you can do this as a fulltime placement).
  • Am I too old or young to do this?
    NO! Our digital business system is designed for all ages and groups (16+) of people regardless of your current education level. Remember that you have all the support needed 24/7.
  • How long will it take to set everything up?
    This depends on the individual and the ability to follow instructions along with the amount of time put in and effort. On average it should take under a month to have your business set up followed by earning money for your business.
  • Do I need any previous experience?
    Absolutely not. Our digital business system is designed for you to start from scratch whilst learning everything we know, whilst providing you with all the tools and resources you will need.
  • What happens once I finish all the training?
    Upon completing all stages of training, you will have a variety of options to choose from, these include drop shipping, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA and website building. You can choose anything and everything using the tools that we provide to help you.
  • Is this an internet scam?
    No this is not a scam. We provide you the ability to create and establish your own online business with the potential to become successful.
  • I'm a newbie to this, can I still get involved?
    Of course, we prefer that you have zero experience as this will allow you to learn our proven methods and strategies from scratch.
  • How do I get started?
    To get started, please click this link - and choose a membership. Once you have chosen one you be able to set up your account and get started right away!
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