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Thank you for using us!

Now that we have completed your Ad Creation service, it's time to keep moving forward. You are in a very important position with your ads right now and we urge you to continue working forward and to start preparing to scale existing ads that you are using.

What's next to do?

You should have received an email from us with your next steps in regards to proceeding forward!

We have learnt a number of different key metrics on your account which will be beneficial and be key for the continued growth on your ad account. We very much believe this is only the start and would like to offer YOU a repeat service at a reduce cost to continue the growth and sales on the account.

Why should you consider us?

On average with store Ads, people often setup and run their own ads got an average CPA of £128 a product compared to our ads, without being optimised are hitting £28 per product.

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